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                                                                MID SUMMER-Day-6

  Eli and Ami both got up very early that sixth morning in summer and got ready for the new day just before dawn broke and the sun started to rise in the sky.Eli wanted to tend to the garden and had to settle for studying gardening skill by reading a book about it for the day and studying handiness also by reading another book later on.She was sick and couldn't tend to the gardening which left a newly recovered Ami to take care of it  while she was studying skills like he'd been doing while he was sick.
  They bot had to stop to eat breakfast after getting ready for the day and Ami planned on tending to the garden and harvesting the produce to sell it to the grocery store while Eli spent her time learning new skills or developing the ones she already had.
 Ami went outside to start tending to the garden and had to start on the money tree which was ready for harvesting and could give them about 2000$ in cash all at once.He spent a good few hours working on the fruit trees and Eli was studying gardening skill from a book though she got bored and ended up turning on the TV to the gardening channel and watching that and still improved her gardening skill.
  Eli was wishing she could've helped in the garden though watching the gardening channel on TV was as close as she would get to gardening until she got over the flu and could get back to normal. She did feel that it wasn't right to try to camp out while she was still sick and they would have to sleep at Garden House for the next few nights until they were both over being sick.
  Ami was still working in the garden and had moved on to harvesting the produce from the other smaller garden plants now that it was about noon and he was working very hard.He really badly wanted to get things done and get the produce sold for the cash so they could get started on building their house soon and have it finished before fall set in and it started to rain and get cold outside.
  Eli was still studying and switched to the cooking channel after watching about gardening for a while to learn more about it and to improve her skill so she could work on it faster.They were both aware of the afternoon racing by so fast it would be evening soon and they'd both have to have dinner and use washrooms to get ready for bed though they'd be staying in at Garden House.
 They did have to stop though Ami was still finishing up by 5:30 in the evening and didn't have much left to do before they had to get ready for bed and he would still have to sell it over at Garden Market and stop to check on their lot before coming back to get to bed.Ami was done with that by 7:30 and would want to get to bed soon.
 Ami was in bed by 7:30 and Eli was finishing up after being delayed by a broken kitchen sink she was forced to try to repair herself before going to bed.That had meant she wasn't in bed until 8PM and was falling asleep very shortly after she got herself into bed.
 They were both thinking about the fact that they already had saved about 15000$ in cash by now and would begin to build their house in the next few days if all went well for them.It would still have to be just enough house to give them shelter through the winter with the chance of adding onto it in the spring.They would add new extensions onto their house as needed until they had enough to start a family and build these slowly over time.


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