MID SUMMER-Day-8

  There were work crews moving things around and placing new objects at Garden House in the night while Eli and Ami were sleeping in their sleeping bags at their lot.The changes were to make way for two arcade hoops game machines to be placed in the basement there.

  Eli and Ami Jankowsky were up and heading over to Garden House very early in the morning in the middle of the summer and it was nearing the later part of the season which meant they were wanting to get their garden harvesting done and be able to buy the materials for building their house before the season was over and fall had started.

  They bot got through the washroom visits and were about to eat breakfast by the time is was almost full daylight outside.Their plans were to start harvesting the produce from the garden areas and to get the produce sold for cash at the grocery store to earn the money to pay for the framing and drywall of their house.

  Ami went out to start on the fruit trees and get that produce harvested and to get into the other garden later on to start on that produce after the first garden was harvested.Eli was already harvesting the produce from the smaller garden plants and wanting to get their house started very soon.

  She was working very hard and Ami would be joining her very soon once he was done with the fruit trees by early afternoon.They had been working very hard all morning and were about to meet up in the garden to harvest the produce from the smaller plants.Their hope was to have that house up and furnished by winter so they could look into starting a family one day when they saved up enough money to be able to raise the baby without having to work for at least three years.

  They were now both working the smaller garden plants and getting the produce from them by early afternoon and were close to finished with the garden by then.Eli hoped they could have their children far enough apart to be able to work when their child was three years old and in school or being home schooled.

  Eli and Ami were done with the gardening work by 1PM and decided to play chess for a few hours and build up their logic skill for the few hours until it was 5PM and dinner time.They got so caught up in their game that they didn't stop until 6PM.

  They went off to use the washrooms and got ready to eat some soup for dinner and got ready to head for Garden Market to sell the produce for cash and ended up earning 1000$ for their day's work.It was enough to pay for that tent they needed to have to keep them dry until the house got built.

  Ami was back from the store where he sold his produce for some cash and saw the new tent there in place of their old sleeping bags which got packed away in storage until their house was built and they needed to use them again.

  Eli came very soon after Ami arrived and was heading to the tent herself to get to bed before 8PM so she could get enough sleep without sleeping the morning away.They were both still having nightmares about being homeless and starving on the streets though they were living on their own lot and would start building their house very soon.


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