MID SUMMER-Day-9

  Eli and Ami Jankowsky were both up very early in the morning and getting ready to head over to Garden House to get ready for the new day before Ami would get to Garden Market to work in the garden areas there after breakfast.They were already just past the middle of the season and getting closer to the end of summer and would be facing early fall very soon.

   Ami was working at Garden Market because their choice to each work at seperate locations would end up paying off big in the long run when they started earning well over 1000$ each day from working in two different locations at the same time instead of sharing the same garden and making less money.That also meant they were harvesting from two money trees and would get money even faster from that as well.

  Eli started in the Garden House garden area and got to the money tree there first and began harvesting the money from it which would add to the day's earnings and put them well over 20000$ after selling the money bags and the garden produce.They both kept up the hard work in the gardens until 4PM when they finally had to quit for the day and get their produce sold before eating dinner and getting ready for bed.

  Eli finished with Garden House and started on her way to Garden Market to sell the produce for some cash and ended up earning 1000$ herself after arriving there while Ami got 750$ for his produce.They also got 5000$ forthe money bags they'd both harvested that day.

  Glen Harbor also got some attendants hired for their stands at their festival hall for once because the festival is hard to enjoy when there aren't any attendants at the stands.

Eli ended up going to the hospital to use the washrooms after they were all broken at Garden Market and she needed to get that taken care of before going home since they didn't have anything yet.

  Ami also got his stuff sold and got himself ready for going home later because he wanted to get the lot cleaned up and start getting their house built before winter arrived.

  Ami arrived home at 7PM and found their trash bin knocked over by a raccoon and the garbage was all over the ground.He ended up picking it up and getting the garbage cleaned up after paying the bills and was ready to get a wall up on their house after that ordeal.

  Eli went back to Garden Market and got the broken toilets and showers fixed before heading home herself to get ready for bed and get to sleep.They both knew that summer was going to be over soon enough with it being the ninth day of that season and it was getting late in the season by then.They both knew that 1660 would be over when the coming winter ended and it would be 1661 and they'd have more work to do before starting their families.

  Ami got their lot cleaned up and Eli was coming to start on building the first wall of their house before going to bed in the tent which they'd continue using until the house was built.

 Their first bit of wall finally got built and their house was started and it would take a few more days for it to get finished because they could only build one section of wall each day and it had to be built slowly over time like they could do and they would have to built the house themselves.

  Eli was finally ready to get to sleep and it was only 8PM be then and they were both very tired out from their big day of work and the excitement of finally getting their house started.They did get to sleep in the tent though it was starting to feel a bit cooler at nights now and would be getting chilly before too long.

  They were asleep by 8:30 and wild horses started wandering around near their tent on the lot and they hoped they'd have the house built very soon because the chilly nights could bring some frost and it wouldn't be wise to sleep outside at nights when that started happening.They both knew that the house would be very small and not big enough for their family until they added onto it later.


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