MID SUMMER-Day-7

    Eli and Ami Jankowsky both got up very early that morning and  got themselves ready for the new day of working on harvesting in the gardens.They were hoping to be able to once again sleep on their own lot for the night instead of having to sleep over at Garden House or Garden Market.They both wanted to start getting their own house built and that wasn't happening overnight in the year of 1660.It was already getting very hot outside and they still had to get started on the harvesting in the gardens before it got too late in the day.

  Eli and Ami got over to the local town hall and took a look at the brand new statue put there in the night and they both loved it.It made Town Hall look more official and more like it was a civic building.They were both loving how their town hall was beginning to look with the new decoration on the lot.This would also be near the town center in the future when it got to be a bigger town and had a bigger population.

  Ami was getting to work on the garden at Garden Market and was already harvesting from the fruit trees and would start on the rest of the garden there once he was finished with the fruit trees.He did want to get the produce harvested because it was being sold for the cash they needed to use for building their house before fall set in and they started getting rain and even snow though that didn't always happen every winter.

  Eli was busy with the garden at Garden House and was working on the fruit trees there and hoped to get the whole thing done before it was too late and she had to get to bed later on.It was very hot and they were both wanting to be able to take a break and cool of though they couldn't do that because the work had to be finished first before they could start playing.

  Eli was already on to the other garden area and working on the produce there and getting it harvested before it was too late into the day and she hoped it would cool down a bit later on in the evening.They were planning on being able to earn about 1000$ from the sale of their garden produce later on in the day when they were done with the gardening.

  Eli and Ami were both done with their work at 5:30 in the evening and they both took care of showering and getting something to eat at Garden Market before selling their produce to the grocery store.They bot h made over 1000$ from selling their produce at the store and were planning on buying a tent to help with shelter until they got their house built.

  Ami got to their lot first and got everything cleaned up and got himself into his sleeping bag and went to sleep by 7:30 in the evening while Eli was on her way back and would be joining him very soon herself.She went and ordered their tent and didn't expect it to arrive until as early as the  next day.

  She managed to get home after placing the tent order and was tired enough to want to get to sleep in her sleeping bag though it was getting very near to 8PM.

  Eli got into her own sleeping bag by 8PM and was falling asleep when she remembered that they wanted to get their house started and had to sell a money bag from the money tree for 2000$ in cash before getting to sleep for the night.That put their cash over 20000$ and they would be starting to build their new house very soon.


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